#StackBounty: #event-observer #magento2.3 #multi-source-inventory Save and display ui_component's custom field

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I’ve added custom text box to source form using below code.

<field name="delivery_time" formElement="input" sortOrder="70">
                <label translate="true">Delivery Time</label>

To save this field value I’m observing event controller_action_inventory_populate_source_with_data.

I tried below in observer,

$request = $observer->getEvent()->getRequest();
$requestData = $request->getParam('general', []);
$deliveryTime =  $requestData['delivery_time'];

I tried below code but it’s not working,



I’ve created new column with delivery_time to table.

None of above is working Any idea ?

Any help will be appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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