#StackBounty: #windows-7 #windows #fonts #control-panel Why font shows up twice in Control Panel / Fonts and how to handle

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I have a custom font installed on a computer with Win 7 Professional.

There is an Italic and a Regular face:

  1. MyFont.otf
  2. MyFont-Italic.otf

When I list the C:WindowsFonts folder using dir MyFont* only these two fonts are listed.

However when I open the Fonts folder in Control Panel, there is one font family listed as “MyFont” but opening up the family, there are 2 icons, 2 for each of the above .otf files. (Note: of course there are no other fonts called MyFont on the system.)

When I right-click them and look at their properties, they are duplicates and point to the same file respectively, in C:WindowsFonts.

Why is this behavior? And how do I remove the duplicate icons in the Control Panel / Fonts folder?

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