#StackBounty: #rsyslog #mssql Rsyslog Output to libdbi (MSSQL/FreeTDS) – unable to get the omlibdbi module files

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am trying to setup my rsyslog server (Ubuntu, tried 14.04 LTS, 16.04LTS and 18.04 LTS) to write directly to SQL Server, from what I’ve read this can be done with omlibdbi’s freeTDS library.

libdbi page says to install libdbi0 or libdbi-dev (I can only find libdbi1 and libdbi1-dev among other things) but none of the apts come with “omlibdbi.so” which is what rsyslog is looking for when loading the module.

Only binary downloads I’ve found are RPM ones (not suited for Ubuntu).

I’ve downloaded the libdbi packages and libdbi-driver packages and compiled in the server to no avail too.

Has anyone successfully managed to get this to work or can help? the documentation for this is woeful and shows nothing on how to do it.

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