#StackBounty: #vmware-vcenter #windows-firewall What port/s does VMware Workstation use to connect to a vCenter server?

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We have a vCenter Server running in Windows. I am trying to connect to the vCenter server in VMware Workstation 12 via File -> Connect to Server

With the Windows Firewall on, the connection times out and fails. When I turn off the Windows Firewall (domain profile) on the VM which hosts vCenter, the connection is successful. I have opened every port on this list on the Windows firewall, but the connection is still failing. What is missing here?

EDIT: Can I use Wireshark (or similar) to run a packet-capture while I connect VMware Workstation to the vCSA 6.7 VM? I believe that would show me exactly what is blocked, which would allow me to open the appropriate ports.

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