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Our homepage has two versions:


The first being in French, the second English. Both versions have been online for many weeks.

Searching on Google or Bing from their .FR domains yields no results for the French version of the page. Yet doing a site:construct.net on the English version of Google returns:

enter image description here

Meta tags on French page:

<html lang="fr-FR">
<link rel="canonical" href="https://www.construct.net/fr" />
<meta rel="alternate" href="https://www.construct.net/fr" hreflang="fr" />
<meta rel="alternate" href="https://www.construct.net/en" hreflang="en" />
<meta rel="alternate" href="https://www.construct.net/en-us" hreflang="en-US" />

Meta tags on English page:

<html lang="en-US">
<link rel="canonical" href="https://www.construct.net/en" />
<meta rel="alternate" href="https://www.construct.net/en" hreflang="en" />
<meta rel="alternate" href="https://www.construct.net/fr" hreflang="fr" />
<meta rel="alternate" href="https://www.construct.net/fr-fr" hreflang="fr-FR" />

My questions are:

  • Have I correctly set up the meta tags?
  • If not should Google even be showing the French alternative version in the English results?
  • Why is the French version showing up higher than the English homepage in the above results?

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