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Here’s an example Reddit video: https://www.reddit.com/r/me_irl/comments/b3vrs4/me_irl

Looking through the JSON, it has a few options for video sources:

"reddit_video": {
    "dash_url": "https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/DASHPlaylist.mpd",
    "duration": 76,
    "fallback_url": "https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/DASH_720?source=fallback",
    "height": 720,
    "hls_url": "https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/HLSPlaylist.m3u8",
    "is_gif": false,
    "scrubber_media_url": "https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/DASH_240",
    "transcoding_status": "completed",
    "width": 1280

While I seemingly can get other HLS/m3u8 videos to work with the Chromecast SDK (for example Google’s own example HLS video), I cannot seem to get any of these sources to work.

I’ve tried https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/HLSPlaylist.m3u8 with the stream type set to both “live” or “buffered”, I’ve tried the content type as “application/x-mpegURL”, and I’ve tried the same for the dash URL https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/DASHPlaylist.mpd with content type “application/dash+xml” also to no avail. I found this question that seems to indicate some possibility?

I’ve also noticed with the DASH file there’s a separate video and audio stream (https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/DASH_720 and https://v.redd.it/3hyw7hwoajn21/audio) worst case scenario is there a way to play the video stream with the separate audio stream playing too on the Chromecast?

Is it not possible for the Chromecast to play these video types?

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