#StackBounty: #snmp #net-snmp #snmpv3 Is there any use case for SNMPv3 context for traps

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let’s say I want to send SNMP v3 trap/inform message to the manager. Usually I use USM SHA authorization with AES encryption. The command looks like:

snmpinform -v 3 -e 0x111111111 -u myuser -a SHA -A mypass1 -x AES -X mypass2 -l authPriv udp:example.com:162 '' 1.0

And it works great. But SNMP manuals and helps mention that traps/informs support ‘-n’ command line switch for specifying SNMP context. This option is poorly documented. I haven’t found any examples how and why should I use it.
If I just add some context to the command above, then INFORM will not reach my manager.

So my question is how to properly use this option and if there is any use cases for SNMP contexts with traps

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