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I’ve got a Raspberry PI 3B+ configured to diskless boot with the PIServer PXE system. I have created a user ‘map7’ and would like it to autologin to the thin client using that user.

I’ve edited /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf in the chroot section and also tried the server section and both attempts don’t autologin at all. I’ve tried raspi-config -> boot options -> desktop autologin which sets it up for the ‘pi’ user then I changed it to ‘map7’ and still no joy.

The chroot section is the image on the server in which the thin clients mount and use as their root file system. This is in /var/lib/piserver/os/<image name>. The image name maybe Raspbian-2018-11-13 in my example. I use the chroot command to enter into this directory and add my changes for the thin clients. I can add packages etc. The server section is the Raspbian x86 PIServer VM in which I’m booted into.

I do have the thin clients booting with different users, but I want one of those users to be automatically logged in. I’m using the thin clients as media centers with remotes so they won’t have a keyboard to login with.

How do I get ‘thin clients’ which are linked to PIServer using the Raspbian Normal image to autologin?

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