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Im having a problem using horizontal navigation. When i sort something, at i changes show products with ajax the navigation isnt functional anymore. The click function in jQuery is still working but removeClass and addClass isn’t working anymore.

The click function in our jQuery (ajaxlist module):

jQuery(document).on("click", "#horizontal-layered-navigation-container div.horizontal-filter .filter-title", function(e) {
    _is_expanded = jQuery(this).hasClass("horizontal-filter-title-expanded");
    jQuery("#horizontal-layered-navigation-container div.horizontal-filter .filter-title.horizontal-filter-title-expanded, #horizontal-layered-navigation-container div.horizontal-filter .filter-content.horizontal-filter-content-expanded").removeClass('horizontal-filter-title-expanded horizontal-filter-content-expanded');
    if (!_is_expanded) {
    window._open_horizontal_dropdown = true;

Link when sorting works: /mand and after ajaxcall and sorting is broken /mand#brands=701,419,882

Hope some of you can figure out why the body of the if-statement suddenly isnt working 🙂

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