#StackBounty: #ios #firebase #testing #firebase-authentication #firebase-test-lab Testing passwordless auth in Firebase test lab for iOS

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I am trying to figure out how to perform e2e test via firebase test lab for iOS that allow to check passwordless authentication flow, which essentially should do following

  1. Enters email within my app
  2. Firebase sends auth link to such email
  3. Somehow I need to be logged into such email somewhere in firebases test device, I assume either in mail app, or gmail?
  4. I need to know when new email arrives and open it
  5. Once I opened an email I need to click on auth link
  6. This should bring me back into the app and authenticate

My biggest issue at the moment is figuring out steps that happen outside my app i.e. how can I prepare for this test and log in under my email address (is it better to log into gmail in safari for example or somehow add this acc to apples mail app?).

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