#StackBounty: #node.js #websocket #activemq #stomp stomp.ack is yielding Error: Unexpected ACK received for message-id

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I have tried possible combinations and searched over the internet but couldn’t make this work, error is:

Error: Unexpected ACK received for message-id

It will be really helpful if anyone can point out if there is some conceptual mistake in following code:

var Stomp = require('stomp-client');
var client = new Stomp(host, port, user, pass);
client.connect(function(sessionId) {
    var subId = client.subscribe(/topic/foo, function(body, headers) {
        client.ack(headers['message-id'], subId);
        var message = ['abc', 'def'];
        client.publish(`/topic/bar`, `some_message`);
    }, {ack: 'client'});
    client.on('error', function(er) {

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