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I am trying to write a specific query in scala Active record. But it always returns nothing. I have read the wiki on the github page but it does not contain a lot of info on it. The query I am trying to write is

SELECT e.name, e.id, COUNT(pt.pass_id) as pass_count, e.start_date, e.total_passes_to_offer
FROM events e inner join passes p on e.id = p.event_id inner join pass_tickets pt on p.id = pt.pass_id where e.partner_id = 198 group by e.name, e.id

What I have tried is

Event.joins[Pass, PassTicket](
                (event, pass, passTicket) => (event.id === pass.eventId, pass.id === passTicket.passId)
                (event, _, _) => event.partnerId === partnerId
                (event, pass, _) => (event.name, event.id, PassTicket.where(_.passId === pass.id).count, event.startDate, event.totalPassesToOffer)
            ).groupBy( data => data._2)

But first, the return type becomes a map, not a list. And second when executed, it doesnt return anything even though the data exists and the SQL executes fine.

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