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In my Winforms project, I can get a cookie of a site opened in IE by the following method :

InternetGetCookie("mysite.com", "mycookie", "something" , "something" )

As a new requirement coming, the site must be opened in Chrome. That means the method above doesn’t work anymore.

After some research, I found out a solution to use Sqlite to read the cookies file stored in "UsersxxAppDataGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultcookies", it works as expected. I can fetch the cookie by giving the name and URL.

BUT PROBLEM: The cookies file is not up-to-date and is updated 1-2 minutes laters. That means the cookies of the request shown in Chrome DevTool is not the same as in the cookies file.

Is there any way to fetch the cookie in Chrome from C# Winforms project similar to InternetGetCookie?

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