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I have a box with kodi installed from default repositories. This works great. However, when kodi starts, it is covers only a fraction of the screen.

Kodi covers fraction of screen
(Movie posters are pixelized by me, and not an artifact).

If I go to Systems settings in Kodi and change Monitor it scales properly to full screen. The Monitor settings available is Default and HDMI-1.
Kodi running in full screen properly

I do not use a window manager when running kodi, instead selecting it as the desktop on login.

This is, to put it mildly, somewhat irritating. How do I make kodi start in full screen every time?

The video card is a GeForce 210, using the nouveau open source driver.

The monitor is a LG TV, at 1920×1080. The resolution is correct on the login screen and after Kodi starts. Screenshots dimensions are actual dimensions of picture. Monitor is connected via HDMI cable.

Kodi was starting correctly up until recently. I previously had the same problem with 16.04.

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