#StackBounty: #scales comparing 2 surveys on same question but with 2 different scales

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I have results from 2 surveys asking the same question. One allows for a single answer, the other allows for up to 2 answers. Is there any way to compare the 2 surveys?

He are the numbers:

Survey A: “why do you do x?” Answer up to 2 options

  • option 1a) 78%
  • option 2a) 43%
  • option 3a) 21%
  • option 4a) 17%
  • option 5a) 13%
  • option 6a) 8%
  • option 7a) 7%
  • option 8a) 7%
  • option 9a) 2%

Survey B: “why do you do x?” (same question as survey A) Answer exactly one option

  • option 1b) 60% (is the same answer as 2a)
  • option 2b) 38% (is the same answer as 1a)
  • option 3b) 2%

(How) can I compare the options 1a) and 2b)? Is this even possible?

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