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I have a MediaWiki website and I have a problem with managing customer inquiries in that website.

So far I had to setup email DNS records and an email server, or alternatively, an email proxy by an email account) to transfer my emails from a CMS to my email account:

1. Email DNS records and email server:

Contact form inquiry → PHP mail() function → Postfix → SMTP → My email account

2. Email proxy:

Contact form inquiry → PHP mail() function → Mail Transfer Agent (like sSMTP) → SMTP → Email proxy account → My email account

I have become fed up with both ways; I don’t want to transfer anything to any email.

All I want to is to get leads (contact form inquiries) directly into MediaWiki in a secured way and to manage them from MediaWiki (in a rather simple way of “keep or delete”).

Advantages (mainly for freelance, single-administrator applications):

  1. Easier server and credentials management (No need to worry about securing credentials for an email proxy account).
  2. Fast email reply (by clicking on the email address of the inquirer from browser or from smartphone) → sending an email directly from your preferred email application in regular PC or smartphone.

My question

How could I “instruct” the core Contact module to save leads in MediaWiki itself and not transferring them to any email account (I might need a third party module for that if it’s not possible without customizing contact‘s PHP)?

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