#StackBounty: #thunderbird #email-filter Optimally sort emails in to subfolders using Thunderbird filters

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I want to take email messages and sort them in to subfolders in my IMAP account using my MUA, Mozilla Thunderbird.

I set a filter “move bob@example.com” to match and it moves the emails to subfolder “bob”.

Then I set a filter “move subject:’IT helpdesk answer'” to match and move to a different subfolder “helpdesk”.

The mails get shuttled between the two subfolders perpetually if the two filters match.

I can hack it by adding an AND with “is not tagged as ‘moved'” then add an action to each message filter that adds a tag ‘moved’. However this means a new filter is needed for every filtering characteristic (like I want to filter 50 different partial email addresses in to a ‘shopping’ folder; I’d need to make 50 filters), I can no longer do “move bob@example.com or ted@example.com to ‘friends’ subfolder” – it would instead take two filters because Thunderbird can’t do compound logic (it can’t do ‘NOT tag AND (A OR B)’; it can do ‘NOT tag AND A’).

There’s a “stop filter execution” but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

How am I supposed to do this in Thunderbird (on Kubuntu 18.04.1), I just want to presort emails in to different folders as they arrive. Thanks.

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