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I am trying to understand the Zepplin proxy code pattern so i deployed two contracts using remix

  1. Token.sol (logic contract – basic ERC20 contract)
  2. AdminUpgradeabilityProxy.sol (From zepplin)


In the AdminUpgradeabilityProxy the logic/implementation address is already defined as the address to Token.sol.

Then I try to load the proxied contract instance by essentially loading the implementation contract (Logic.sol) by using the Proxy contract (AdminUpgradeabilityProxy.sol) address.

However, in doing so any functions i call on this proxied contract fails. What is it that I am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I have deployed PAXOS Standard token contracts on the Rinkeby network. (https://github.com/paxosglobal/pax-contracts/tree/master/contracts)

Implementation contract:


Proxy Contract:


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