#StackBounty: #multiclass-classification #online-learning SGDClassifier: Online Learning/partial_fit with a previously unknown label

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My training set contains about 50k entries with which I do an initial learning. On a weekly basis, ~ 5k entries are added; but the same amount “disappears” (as it is user data which has to be deleted after some time).

Therefore I use online learning because I do not have access to the full dataset at a later time. Currently I’m using an SGDClassifier which works, but my big problem: new categories are appearing and now I can’t use my model any more as they were not in the initial fit.

Is there a way with SGDClassifier or some other model? Deep learning?

It doesn’t matter if I have to start from scratch NOW (i.e. use something other than SGDClassifier), but I need something which enables online learning with new labels.

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