#StackBounty: #survey Where to get psychology assessment resources to put into my website?

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I’m not a psychologist and would like to know how to get a psychological assessment to put into my website? Is there a public assessment with question data and scoring logic?

I’m sorry if the question is obvious to psychologists, and feel free to close the question.

I’m initially looking for assessment for students to help them choose a career path. I Googled “student career path quiz” and found numerous assessments, they’re free as well, though I don’t have the resources to create those assessments in my own website. So I guess my question is:

is there a public resource for psychological assessments, including questions, answers, scoring logic, and reporting?

To be clear: I want to put an psychological assessment in my website to assess students for choosing a career path (e.g. their personality model) one example is the IPIP Big-Five Factor Markers by OpenPsychometrics for the big five personality.

I’m coming from a programming background, so I’ll code the assessment myself. But to do it, I need the list of questions, answers, scoring functions, and reporting standard. The ones that I found have questions and answers, but I couldn’t find the scoring logic and how to generate reports for such questionnaires. I’m asking if there are public questionnaires that can I take to put into my own website.

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