#StackBounty: #youtube #username #youtube-channel How can a YouTube channel have different names depending on where the name is shown?

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There’s a Japanese channel I’m following, which is showing a different name depending on where the name is displayed. When their videos are shown in the subscription box, recommended videos, or next to a comment they made, a Japanese variant of the name is shown, “圧倒的不審者の極み!”

Kiwami Japanese name screenshot

However, when watching a video or looking at their channel page, an English version of the channel name is shown, “kiwami japan”.

enter image description here

The names are not equivalent when translated, so it’s likely not an automatic translation. These two names have existed as long as I can remember following this channel, so it’s not likely to be a matter of a name that was recently changed and not yet updated everywhere.

Is this name duality just a glitch, or is it a feature offered by YouTube? What are the criteria for using this feature as a creator? Is it for example only available to creators in certain regions, or above a certain number of subscribers?

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