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I have data in the following format for people punching their work times in:

(dat<-data.frame(Date = c("1/1/19", "1/2/19", "1/4/19", "1/2/19"), 
                Person = c("John Doe", "Brian Smith", "Jane Doe", "Alexandra Wakes"), 
                Time_In = c("1:15pm", "1:45am", "11:00pm", "1:00am"), 
                Time_Out = c("2:30pm","3:33pm","3:00am","1:00am")))

    Date          Person Time_In Time_Out
1 1/1/19        John Doe  1:15pm   2:30pm
2 1/2/19     Brian Smith  1:45am   3:33pm
3 1/4/19        Jane Doe  3:00pm   3:00am
4 1/2/19 Alexandra Wakes  1:00am   1:00am

I am looking to write a function in R or Python that will extract the total number of hours each person worked into 24 different buckets with each bucket as its own column. It would look something like this:

enter image description here

So in the first case, the person worked from 1:15pm to 2:30 pm, so they worked .75 hours from 1pm to 2pm (13-14), and .5 hours from 2pm to 3pm (14-15).

Some things I think may work are…

  1. A series of nested loops
  2. A long series of if/then statements
  3. Some function in Tidyverse or Pandas that I have not thought of yet.

Attempts from #1 and #1 from above were utter failures. Not sure what the workflow is but any advice is much appreciated.

Note that the columns in the resulting table need notbe numbers (could be hour 1, hour 2, etc. or just any factor in general -as long as it represents a 24 hour period of time).

My past attempts have included nested for loops like the following:

for (i in 1:nrow(data)){

  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],0,1), workinterval[i]))){ `0-1`[i]=1} else{ `0-1`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],1,2), workinterval[i]))){ `1-2`[i]=1} else{ `1-2`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],2,3), workinterval[i]))){ `2-3`[i]=1} else{ `2-3`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],3,4), workinterval[i]))){ `3-4`[i]=1} else{ `3-4`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],4,5), workinterval[i]))){ `4-5`[i]=1} else{ `4-5`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],5,6), workinterval[i]))){ `5-6`[i]=1} else{ `5-6`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],6,7), workinterval[i]))){ `6-7`[i]=1} else{ `6-7`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],7,8), workinterval[i]))){ `7-8`[i]=1} else{ `7-8`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],8,9), workinterval[i]))){ `8-9`[i]=1} else{ `8-9`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],9,10), workinterval[i]))){ `9-10`[i]=1} else{ `9-10`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],10,11), workinterval[i]))){ `10-11`[i]=1} else{ `10-11`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],11,12), workinterval[i]))){ `11-12`[i]=1} else{ `11-12`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],12,13), workinterval[i]))){ `12-13`[i]=1} else{ `12-13`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],13,14), workinterval[i]))){ `13-14`[i]=1} else{ `13-14`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],14,15), workinterval[i]))){ `14-15`[i]=1} else{ `14-15`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],15,16), workinterval[i]))){ `15-16`[i]=1} else{ `15-16`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],16,17), workinterval[i]))){ `16-17`[i]=1} else{ `16-17`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],17,18), workinterval[i]))){ `17-18`[i]=1} else{ `17-18`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],18,19), workinterval[i]))){ `18-19`[i]=1} else{ `18-19`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],19,20), workinterval[i]))){ `19-20`[i]=1} else{ `19-20`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],20,21), workinterval[i]))){ `20-21`[i]=1} else{ `20-21`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],21,22), workinterval[i]))){ `21-22`[i]=1} else{ `21-22`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],22,23), workinterval[i]))){ `22-23`[i]=1} else{ `22-23`[i]=0}
  if((int_overlaps(createinterval(data$PunchDate[i],23,24), workinterval[i]))){ `23-24`[i]=1} else{ `23-24`[i]=0}

cbind(data, `0-1`, `1-2`, `2-3`, `3-4`, `4-5`, `5-6`,
            `6-7`, `7-8`, `8-9`, `9-10`, `10-11`, `11-12`,
            `12-13`, `13-14`, `14-15`, `15-16`, `16-17`, `17-18`, `18-19`,
            `19-20`, `20-21`, `21-22`, `22-23`, `23-24`

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