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I have used this guide to make a Windows PE flash drive. It works as it should. When I boot a computer into Windows PE a CMD window appears.

The problem is that the keyboard is set to US by default, but I am using a nordic keyboard.

How can I change the default keyboard that loads on the initial CMD window?

I have tried all the following command without any success:

Dism /Add-Package /Image:"C:tmp" /PackagePath:"C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Assessment and Deployment KitWindows Preinstallation Environmentamd64WinPE_OCsnb-NOlp.cab"
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-SetupUILang:nb-NO
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-SKUIntlDefaults:nb-NO
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-SysLocale:nb-NO
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-UILang:nb-NO
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-UILangFallBack:nb-NO
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-UserLocale:nb-NO
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-InputLocale:nb-NO
Dism /Image:"C:tmp" /Set-AllIntl:nb-NO

If I investigate I can see that Norwegian keybobard is in fact installed. That is 0414:00000414. So that is kind of weird.

C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Assessment and Deployment KitDeployment Tools>Dism /online /Get-Intl

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 10.0.17763.1

Image Version: 10.0.17763.437

Reporting online international settings.

Default system UI language : en-US
System locale : nb-NO
Default time zone : W. Europe Standard Time
Active keyboard(s) : 0409:00000414, 0414:00000414
Keyboard layered driver : PC/AT Enhanced Keyboard (101/102-Key)

Installed language(s): en-US
  Type : Fully localized language.

Do I really have to type wpeutil SetKeyboardLayout 0409:00000414 each time I load Windows PE? Is there no other way?

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