#StackBounty: #ios #android-studio #unity3d #sdk How to Start Integrated Project From Android Or IOS Platform To Unity3D?

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I am looking for a way to integrated the Project from Android or IOS platform to make it available in Unity3D.

The Project i would like to implement in unity is from here since this is free and i saw like it is easy to use :


What i need to know from the begining to start to make the class or function from Android platform or IOS platform to be available to use in Unity3D ?

Any detail explanation and the tips step by step to combine and make the Android and IOS platform Project to be able to use in Unity3D is very appreciate. And this will be usefull for every Unity3D developer that would like to do a same thing like me.

I know that there is a post also discuss about some kind of this. But i really cannot find the detail explanation how is the way to do it and how to start.

So i have the example from the link above which provide an Project from Android and IOS platform which is a suitable for you to make an example since that link and scan credit card really i need it.

I also not sure from the Project above which function is use to scan the and do the process of scan credit card. So what actually which file do we need from the Project above ? Do we need all of them ? or maybe we just need some of that core file ?

I know that unity can read .aar file which is build from Android Studio and then use it in Unity3D. But from the Project above do we just open the project and then build it into .aar file without any modification or change to the code ?

So how is the way to call the function from .aar in the Unity3D ?

What about the IOS Project platform ? can we build into .aar file too ?

Thank You For every Explanation and Tips Before.

Please do not Down Vote or Close this question. If you find that is not related to the TAG or something else. But i see this is a good question.

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