#StackBounty: #org-export #org-publish #org-mode How can I use ox-pandoc as a publishing backend for org files?

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I would like to use org-publish to generate files for a website. I would prefer to do this using the ox-pandoc exporter rather than org-mode’s own publishing exporters. But I can’t quite seem to see how this is done.

The org-publish function requires a function (plist filename pub-dir) format

 (defun org-pandoc-publish-to-html (plist filename pub-dir)
 "Publish an org file to html using ox-pandoc. Return output file name."
 (org-publish-org-to 'org-pandoc-export-to-html filename ".html" plist pub-dir))

Not sure what’s wrong with the above, but it doesn’t work. Specifically, with :publishing-function (org-pandoc-publish-to-html) set I get the message: unknown "nil" back-end: Aborting export with no output.

Update: when I change the setting to :publishing-function (org-pandoc-export-to-html) I get a different message:

Publishing file /Users/Roambot/test/source/pubtest.org using `org-pandoc-export-to-html'
Initializing asynchronous export process
Publishing file /Users/Roambot/test/source/pubtest.org using `org-pandoc-export-to-html'
Process `org-export-process' exited abnormally

The Org Export Process buffer reads: Before first headline at position 1 in buffer *temp*. I’m not sure what this means.

Again, publishing works fine for other export functions like org-html-publish-to-html and ox-pandoc works independently of org-publish.

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