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this question is somewhat a follow up on this question.
Consider the following example

x <- cumsum(rnorm(10))
y <- stats::arima(x, order = c(1, 0, 0))
[1] 0

So far so good: zero is returned because R does not now how to use stats::fitted on an object of class Arima.

Next in my code, I need one function from the forecast package. I do not attach the package, I just load it using the ::notation.
In my code below I will load it directly using requireNamespace.

requireNamespace("forecast", quietly = TRUE)
[1] 10

And suddenly the same command returns a different result.
I understand why this happens (and I hope I am saying it correctly): by loading the forecastpackage a new method for the generic function fitted (namely fitted.Arima) is loaded into the namespace which results in a different outcome.

For me this behavior is quite annoying: is there any way to choose on specific method for fitted?
I read this chapter but did not figure out how to circumvent this problem.

I also tried to unload the forecast package from namespace, but no success:

[1] 10

It seems that once I load the package I cannot use the old method of fitted.
I am wondering how to handle these situations.


As pointed out in the comments after unloadNamespace("forecast") I get that


But methods fitted still includes fitted.Arima.

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