#StackBounty: #ssl #ftp Filezilla slow in starting upload after enabling ftp server SSL : why?

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I’ve enabled SSL on my ubuntu FTP server (vsftp).

After that, Filezilla from my Windows machine have a 2 seconds delay before starting upload of any file.

This is server message from Filezilla console:

> Connecting to xx.xx.xx
> Status:   Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
> Status:   Initializing TLS... Status: Verifying certificate...
> Status:   TLS connection established. Status: Server does not support
> non-ASCII characters. 
> Status:   Logged in Status:   
> **Starting upload of ..file.php** 
>Status:    File transfer successful, transferred 243 bytes in
4 seconds

Filezilla stuck on Starting upload of ..file.php for almost 2-3 seconds before starting upload.

After that, upload speed is fast (so there is no problem about speed).

The problem is the delay before upload each single file.. (imagine to upload 1000 small files… there is a delay of 2-3 seconds x 1000 files).

What can it be ?


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