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I’ve been using flashcards a lot, via the “flashcards” package of Alexander Budge. Usually I print them on card stock but sometimes this can be inconvenient, for example most home-office duplex printers cannot print duplex on card stock. Aside from making it easier to shuffle and manipulate the cards, card stock is generally useful so that the text on the reverse of each card is not visible from the front.

I would like to try printing flashcards on ordinary printer paper, but with some kind of pattern on each side to make it more difficult to see what is written on the reverse of the card. This would be similar to the crosshatch pattern inside a “security envelope”.

At the same time, I want the background pattern to avoid the text on each card, so that the text remains legible from the front. I am thinking about something like the last example in this underlining tutorial.

I wonder if someone has done this, or is interested in coding up an example that I can add as a input at the top of my flashcards documents.

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