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I went to https://groups.google.com and searched for boot ring seat, looking for a specific Usenet message that I know has those three words in it. No results. All right, I thought, maybe I’m misremembering the Usenet message. So I searched instead for whenever — there must be some Usenet messages with that word in it! But still no results. (It says “Posts: 0, groups: 1354”.) (These searches were done when not logged in to Google.)

What am I doing wrong? How do I search for Usenet posts by keywords in them?

Some notes (that you can skip) about research I already did toward answering this question:

There is a help link on that search-result page, but there’s nothing about searching listed there. The most promising subtopic is “Learn how to read and create posts”, which doesn’t actually answer this question.

I also did a Google Web search on searching google groups usenet, but the top few results were unhelpful. The top one is from 2010, so I skipped it as likely OBE; the next promising one is this SU post, which is about browsing a newsgroup rather than searching by keyword; etc.

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