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I am experiencing a problem that was apparently common on Windows 10 at some point but has since gone away for most. Not for me however.

When I shut down or reboot windows 10, after the shutdown sequence completes the power remains on on my laptop but all the hardware turns off (screen is blank, keyboard LEDs turn off, etc, but the power leds & fans stay on) after this I have to hold the power button down to force it to complete the shutdown sequence.

I have tried all the recommended solutions I’ve dug up on google which includes:

  • Disabling Fast Startup
  • Disabling Fast Boot (BIOS) and CMS (set boot to UEFI only)
  • Not allowing the system to turn off the Intel Management Engine Interface to save power
  • Updating my graphics drivers (both of them are fully up to date) and BIOS
  • Shutting down from the commandline (command prompt)
  • Disabling Hibernation support in windows. (powercfg.exe /h off)

I’m running an MSI GE75 Raider 8SE laptop on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC; Version 1809.

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