#StackBounty: #video #video-conversion #matroska #3d #oculus-rift How do I convert an MK3D file into an MKV file while preserving the 3D?

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I have an MK3D video file containing a 3D movie. But my video player (Skybox for Oculus Quest) does not support MK3D files, only MKV files. My question is, how do I convert my MK3D file into an MKV file, while keeping it as a 3D video?

Both MKV and MK3D are part of the Matroska file format, so I tried simply renaming the file from “.mk3d” to “.mkv”. But that makes it play as a 2D movie, it loses the 3D aspect. So how do I preserve the 3D nature of the file?

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