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I have a FreeNAS (11.1-U1) and a FreeBSD (11.1-RELEASE-p6) machine. On the FreeNAS I’d like to zfs receive recursive snapshots as a non-root user with delegated privileges. This appears to work well for most of the child-datasets. But iocage’s data datasets, which can be mounted into the jail and administered from there, they fail:

root@freebsd:~> zfs send -RI "dozer@2018-02-21" "dozer@2018-03-08"  | ssh -T -i /root/backup_key backupuser@freenas zfs receive -dvuF neo/backups/freebsd
receiving incremental stream of dozer@2018-03-03 into neo/backups/freebsd@2018-03-03
received 312B stream in 1 seconds (312B/sec)
receiving incremental stream of dozer@2018-03-07 into neo/backups/freebsd@2018-03-07
received 312B stream in 1 seconds (312B/sec)
receiving incremental stream of dozer@2018-03-08 into neo/backups/freebsd@2018-03-08
received 312B stream in 1 seconds (312B/sec)
receiving incremental stream of dozer/ROOT@2018-03-03 into neo/backups/freebsd/ROOT@2018-03-03
receiving incremental stream of dozer/iocage/jails/owncloud/root@2018-03-08 into neo/backups/freebsd/iocage/jails/owncloud/root@2018-03-08
received 578MB stream in 110 seconds (5.25MB/sec)
receiving incremental stream of dozer/iocage/jails/owncloud/root/data@2018-03-03 into neo/backups/freebsd/iocage/jails/owncloud/root/data@2018-03-03
cannot receive incremental stream: permission denied
warning: cannot send 'dozer/iocage/jails/owncloud/root/data@2018-03-03': signal received
warning: cannot send 'dozer/iocage/jails/owncloud/root/data@2018-03-07': Broken pipe
warning: cannot send 'dozer/iocage/jails/owncloud/root/data@2018-03-08': Broken pipe

The permissions of that particular child are exactly the same as the one of the parent dataset:

root@freenas:~ # zfs allow neo/backups/freebsd/iocage/jails/owncloud/root/data
---- Permissions on neo/backups/freebsd -----------------------------
Local+Descendent permissions:
        user backupuser atime,compression,create,dedup,exec,jailed,mount,mountpoint,quota,receive,rename,reservation,setuid,userprop

Running the zfs receive on the FreeNAS as root works as expected.

What delegated privileges does my user need to receive the jailed datasets of iocage and, more generally, is there a way to make zfs receive give out a more detailed error message which tells you what permission is missing?

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