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Are there any Gnu/Linux installers that will look at an old /home partition, and set up the users based on the directories in the root of this partition?

So if I install a new Gnu/Linux, and keep my old /home, the /home partition will be full of files owned by various users and groups. I also need to set up a load of users, these users need to match the ones from the old system, so that the file in /home have the correct ownership. The root of the /home partition have a directory for each user, that is owned by that user, and their primary group.

Therefore it should be possible to scan this directory, and create a user/primary-group for each directory that is found.

  • Are there any tools that already do this?
  • Are they used in any Gnu/Linux installed?
  • Does Debian do this?

(I am about to install a new Debian.)

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