#StackBounty: #docker #ansible #vscode-settings Same VSCode-Settings for the whole crew?

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We want to have the same VSCode settings for the whole crew of developers. Also it would be fine to have a oneline command to tear VSCode down and restart it from scratch with predefined settings and plugins so that you do not have to worry about trying out plugins and getting beck to the known state. Kind of Config-as-Code for VSCode.

I already found:

But non of these provides a good solution to me

We are using Mac and Windows machines and develop most of the time locally (not remotely in the cloud or the like).

I imagine like having a script like

…. projectname up


…. projectname reset


…. projectname down)

to receive/reset the configured settings and newest plugins that have been configured for the project.

Have any ideas or use a similar solution already?

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