#StackBounty: #git #deployment #svn What is the usual process of saving changes made at the CMS level into source control?

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I have a DEV environment setup with wordpress installed, where I have a wordpress developer working every day. I don’t feel comfortable every time he changes something in the environment because there’s no way of tracking the changes he’s doing, so in the case there’s an error o we want to go back 3 days for example there’s no way for me to do that.

I’ve thought about the different solutions to this problem and the only solution I have thought of is, running a cronjob every day trying to see if there are any changes in the filesystem (e.g. new files were uploaded) then check them in. I thought about this approach but I don’t think that would be effective for the database part, there would be no way for me to see if there are any new changes in the database, so I will have to commit the database every day and my SCM will be full of commits making it no that effective.

I wanted to ask the community how they have solved this problem or maybe using different techniques. Thank you!

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