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I am trying to make 2 service communicate over service discovery endpoint in AWS ECS service.


Service1: runs the Task Definition to run nginx and phpfpm

Service2: runs the Task Definition to run redis

Now, I need to make service1 container communicate to service2

As per the documentations and resource found on internet. This is what I have done and not able to achieve the need.

  1. We need to turn on service discover (Done)
  2. Set proper service name and namespace which will work as service discovery endpoint (Done)
  3. Create task definition and create service with above property set (done)
  4. Now AWS will generate a SRV records on the Route53 (OK)

Now, when using the service discovery endpoint which is generally in format
service_discovery_service name.service_discovery_namespace.

The error logs shows , It’s not able to resolve the name.

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