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I’ll start with a disclaimer here. I’m running go on Ubuntu 18.0.4 on Windows subsystem.

I have a package in which I was able to run “dep init” successfully from the windows command line. I created a new clone (successful clone, so no network connectivity issues) of the repo in my Ubuntu subsystem and ran “dep init.”

This is when I run into problems. Dep just hangs after pulling a single package down. Subsequent calls to dep init do not pull more packages. Running “dep init -v” produces the following:

#> dep init -v
Getting direct dependencies...
Checked 14 directories for packages.
Found 3 direct dependencies.

Take a look at the attached screen capture to see that process threads are spun up but are doing nothing (0% CPU and RAM usage).

Screen Capture with HTOP and my dep pkg folder structure

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Turning it off and on again.
  2. I’ve completely cleaned out my dep package folder and re-run dep init. This is how I know that there is just a single package that is actually getting pulled.
  3. Made sure that my ssh keys are up-to-date with github.

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