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I’m having some problems integrating a file manager in my i3 setup. I’ve installed Thunar but I guess pretty much any file manager will do.
All application at the moment are displaying a black screen when I trigger any kind of folder selection (for example when I press Ctrl+o on both Firefox and vscode). What I would expect is to be able to select a folder with basically any kind of UI, but it just opens a black fullscreen window, that I must kill with i3 $mod+shift+q to go back to the initial app. IMVHO it’s relying on another app to select the file, but I might be wrong, definitely not sure about this.

I’ve tried to add to my .config/mimeapps.list an entry like inode/directory=Thunar.desktop but it didn’t have any effect. I’m also not sure the .desktop files have been created on installation, it really looks like something the package manager should be in charge for but sudo find -iname "*.desktop" returns basically nothing (surely nothing for Thunar)…

What should I do?

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