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I am currently trying to implement a proof of knowledge of the preimage to a public hash image using different zkp system implementations.

There are a lot of examples that do exactly this (see this question for some further reference). But: All of these have a fixed input size to the hash function (often two times 256-bits to do merkle tree proofs). Now while this is very convenient for examples, I would like to allow the preimage to be variable in length.

I have some questions on this:

  1. Is a variable length input possible in zkSNARKs, where the verifier and prover keys have to be calculated beforehand? Can I create a prover key that permits arbitrary input lengths? To my understanding this is not possible and the prover would have to reveal the preimage length before the trusted setup.

  2. In Bulletproofs I have to split up the preimage into 32 byte chunks, represent them as scalars and commit to each. Is there a way to avoid a linear amount of commitments to the size of the preimage?

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