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After saving any entity bundle, e.g. node type on admin/structure/types/manage/node-type page, node ‘token type’ is gone:

$info = entity_get_info('node');
// isset($info['token type'])) == FALSE

After I change common.inc to regenerate entity info like this

if (FALSE && $cache = cache_get("entity_info:$langcode")) {
  $entity_info = $cache->data;

it started to work as expected.

Only ‘node’ entity type is affected.

In order to fix this I had to patch entity_get_info:

   $entity_info = &$drupal_static_fast['entity_info'];

+  if (!empty($entity_info) && !isset($entity_info['node']['token type'])) {
+    $entity_info = NULL;
+  }
   // hook_entity_info() includes translated strings, so each language is cached
   // separately.
   $langcode = $language->language;
@@ -7857,7 +7861,7 @@ function entity_get_info($entity_type = NULL) {
     if ($cache = cache_get("entity_info:$langcode")) {
       $entity_info = $cache->data;
-    else {
+    if (empty($entity_info) || !isset($entity_info['node']['token type'])) {
       $entity_info = module_invoke_all('entity_info');

What can be the root cause of this issue and how can it be fixed?

I searched for an answer and found several similar questions on Drupal.org, but the only recommended thing is to clear cache several times (which does not even help in my case).

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