#StackBounty: #magento2 #configurable-product How does magento 2 calculate price of configurable products?

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I am a magento 2 starter with much experience in magento 1. I can’t find the relevant scripts which are used to calculate the price for configurable products.

I need a basic guide on how the configuration works please so that I can modify it.

E.g. I need to add a customise-able option with title Length and the price should change based on it’s value.

So if the price is $1000 and 1000 millimetres is set then the price should be $1000,

if 500 millimetres is set, then the price should be 500$.

If 2000 millimetres is set then the price should be 2000$ and so on…

price = (price * (length / 1000))

Where do I have to add this logic?

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