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For some reason documents created on my app are not showing up on my remote couchdb database.

I am using the following

import PouchDB from 'pouchdb-react-native'

let company_id = await AsyncStorage.getItem('company_id');
let device_db = new PouchDB(company_id, {auto_compaction: true});
let remote_db = new PouchDB('https://'+API_KEY+'@'+SERVER+'/'+company_id, {ajax: {timeout: 180000}});

device_db.replicate.to(remote_db).then((resp) => {

    console.log("Device to Remote Server - Success");
    return resp;

}, (error) => { 

  console.log("Device to Remote Server - Error");
  return false; 


I get a successful response the response:



When I go to my remote database, document_id’s that am able to search and grab on the application do not show up.

  • Is there something I am not taking into account?
  • Is there anything I can do to check why this might be happening?
  • This worked when I used the same scripting method in Ionic and when I switched to React-Native I noticed this is the case.

NOTE: When I do .from() and get data from remote to the device, I get the data. For some reason it just isn’t pushing data out

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