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I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 (previously 16.04) and an important feature is missing: the option to switch between GUI and TTY.

From the GUI I can switch to one of 5 TTY, by CtrlAltF2 to CtrlAltF6. I can login in the tty, do whatever I wish. When I Press AltF1, I get to the login-screen, not back to running GUI session. AltF7 leads to a black screen.

When I switch to the login screen, and login, I get a fresh GUI-Login. The programs have been terminated, the unsaved data and status is lost. This is annoying.

In previous versions, AltF7 brought me to the original, running GUI. AltF1 brought me to the console of the GUI. This is how I want it to be. The particular order of screens does not matter – the crucial item is to get back.

How can I customize 18.04 in this way?

PS: I basically have the default 18.04.4 desktop install using GNOME-shell (not unity). The only thing remotely non-standard is that it is MBR/Legacy, not GPT/UEFI install.

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