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I’ve got a NodeJS (Electron) client which is running the following code:

child = spawn("powershell.exe",['-ExecutionPolicy', 'ByPass', '-File', require("path").resolve(__dirname, '../../../../updater.ps1')]);

The file that this opens is a powershell file which downloads and unpacks an update. If I run this file manually, I get the powershell console which shows me a progress bar for the download and the unpacking. However, running it from code like above does not show the console.

How can I make my code show the powershell console during it’s runtime? I’m having a hard time formulating search terms to find an answer to this.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Adding '-NoExit' to my 2nd parameter array
  • Adding { windowsHide: false } parameter
  • Adding '-WindowStyle', 'Maximized' to 2nd parameter array

I’ve also tried switching to exec.

exec('powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File ' + updater_path, function callback(error, stdout, stderr){

Which runs the file but still doesn’t show the console.

An answer will preferably allow me to run powershell files un-attached to the NodeJS client, and will also show the powershell console while running.

Here is my current code:

updater = spawn("powershell.exe",['-ExecutionPolicy', 'ByPass', '-File', remote.app.getAppPath() + '\app\files\scripts\' + data.type + '_updater.ps1'], { detached: true, stdio: 'ignore' });

Which actually does nothing, it doesn’t even seem like it runs the script at all.

I’ve tried the same thing using a batch file, it’s never opened.

updater = spawn("cmd",[remote.app.getAppPath() + '\app\files\scripts\launch_updater.bat'], { detached: true, stdio: ['ignore', 'ignore', 'ignore'] });

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