#StackBounty: #8 #entities #commerce Allow some products to be sold only in bundles (groups) with some other products

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I’m making commerce site with Drupal 8 and Drupal commerce and I have not so common request. Some of the products should be available to buy only in groups (bundles) with some other products. I.e. if you want to buy product A in quantity 100 you must also buy product B, product C and/or product D and sum of them (B+C+D) must also be 100. Other way it shouldn’t be possible to buy any of them separately.

I saw that there are some Bundle modules (not even sure if they could fulfill this request), but they exist only for Drupal 7.

So is there some module for D8 which will allow grouping products like this. If not what would be the best way to achieve this feature?

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