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I’m using RestSharp to communicate with a REST-Server and wrote a small wrapper function for the call

private T Get<T>(string restAdress) where T : new()
        // throw new Exception(); // This one is caught
        IRestClient restClient = new RestClient(settings.Value.HostToConnect).UseSerializer(new JsonNetSerializer()); // (1)
        RestRequest restRequest = new RestRequest(restAdress);
        IRestResponse<T> result = restClient.Get<T>(restRequest); // (2)
        return result.Data;
    catch (Exception e) // debugger wont stop here
        // debugger wont stop here too
        // code within this block is not executed

    return null; // (3)

Since I want to use the Newtonsoft-Attributes I give in a custom (de)serializer (1).

    public class JsonNetSerializer : IRestSerializer
        public string Serialize(object obj) =>

        public string Serialize(RestSharp.Parameter bodyParameter) =>

        public T Deserialize<T>(IRestResponse response) =>
            JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(response.Content); // (4)

        public string[] SupportedContentTypes { get; } =
            "application/json", "text/json", "text/x-json", "text/javascript", "*+json"

        public string ContentType { get; set; } = "application/json";

        public DataFormat DataFormat { get; } = DataFormat.Json;

When calling the REST service and trying to get the result (2) an Exception is thrown if the deserialization fails (4). But the Exception is not caught by the try-catch block. I tried to debug but after throwing the debugger goes on in line (3), the catch and the logging withing the catch is never executed. The debugger won’t even stop at the catch (Exception e) it goes straight from (4) to (3).

enter image description here
(Sorry for not english, the title of the window says “Exception User-Unhandled”)

Can anyone explain this behaviour to me?

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