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Given a module how can I create an rpm of not just the module, but all the module’s dependencies?

Start by creating a test module

$ module-starter --author "Evan Carroll" --email "me@evancarroll.com" --module Foo::Bar
Added to MANIFEST: Changes
Added to MANIFEST: ignore.txt
Added to MANIFEST: lib/Foo/Bar.pm
Added to MANIFEST: Makefile.PL
Added to MANIFEST: t/00-load.t
Added to MANIFEST: t/manifest.t
Added to MANIFEST: t/pod-coverage.t
Added to MANIFEST: t/pod.t
Added to MANIFEST: xt/boilerplate.t
Created starter directories and files

Now I edit the Makefile.pl, and add Mojolicious as a prereq.

PREREQ_PM => {                                                         
      'Mojolicious' => '0'

Now I can run

perl Makefile.PL
make dist

But running,

$ sudo cpantorpm -y /tmp/yum /tmp/Foo-Bar/Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz 

I get this,

error: Failed build dependencies:
        perl >= 5.006 is needed by perl-Foo-Bar-0.01-1.noarch
        perl(ExtUtils::MakeMaker) is needed by perl-Foo-Bar-0.01-1.noarch
        perl(Mojolicious) is needed by perl-Foo-Bar-0.01-1.noarch

That makes sense, but I want it to create RPMs for these requirements. I would like Foo::Bar to require an rpm that is also generated from cpan that represents Mojolicious, and for a build system to output two RPMs (one rpm for Foo::Bar which requires the also-provided Mojolicious RPM).

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