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I am trying to unit test a the core package of my libgdx application.

What is the best way to mock the ShaderProgram such that the root class may be tested?

Given the following init for a Libgdx test runner,

init {
    val conf = HeadlessApplicationConfiguration()

    HeadlessApplication(this, conf)
    Gdx.gl = mock(GL20::class.java) 
    Gdx.gl20 = mock(GL20::class.java)
    Gdx.gl30 = mock(GL30::class.java)
    Gdx.graphics = mock(Graphics::class.java)

and the function under test (which is in a class that is a child of Application Listener),

override fun create() {
    stage = Stage(ScreenViewport())

an error occurs inside of Stage when it attempts to compile a shader.

I.e., in SpriteBatch.java from com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g2d,

ShaderProgram shader = new ShaderProgram(vertexShader, fragmentShader);
if (shader.isCompiled() == false) throw new IllegalArgumentException("Error compiling shader: " + shader.getLog());

shader.isCompiled() appears to always return false for a HeadlessApplication.

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