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I have a dataset tracking certain outcomes in school children, with all grades being sampled every year for a number of years. There are a number of study designs possible with such a dataset. As I understand it:

Cross-sectional designs would compare, say, different grade at a fixed point in time. For example, they could compare 2018 grade 7 students, 2018 grade 8 students and 2018 grade 9 students.

Longitudinal designs would compare, a single cohort of students across time. For example, they could compare 2016 grade 6 students, 2017 grade 7 students and 2018 grade 8 students.

Is there an analogous term for a design which compares students in a given grade across calendar years?

For example, comparing 2016 year 7 students, 2017 year 7 students and 2018 year 7 students. It is somewhat longitudinal because there is a temporal comparison happening but it isn’t the same as in the longitudinal design described above. Is there common terminology one could use to distinguish between the two?

(In this question ‘grade’ is used to refer to the year level of the student in school, not to a mark on academic assessment.)

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