#StackBounty: #web-apps #sql Looking for a SQL result exporter tool for non-tech end users

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Six years ago we built a homemade tool for our internal users to download CSV files based on a SQL query.
There is two kind of users :

  • Admins who can define a SQL query with parameters
  • Users who can run a query specifying those parameters and download a CSV

I’m looking for a replacement of this tool, so far we have considered Tableau and the data importer feature of Excel. None of them were satisfying.

What I expect from the tool :

  • User Friendly & Web based (no need for any local installation)
  • Work with Millions of rows
  • Doesn’t require SQL skill
  • Connect with any kind of Database
  • Queries can be parameterized

I’m turning around on this since a while.Thank you deeply for your answers.

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